The Prime Advantage


The preparation of the fibre is the most important stage in spinning. It is called the 'HEART' of spinning and PRIME chooses partner mills who pay specific attention to this stage.
Hosiery yarns are produced from 'SHANKER S-6' cotton for lower contamination levels, better dye uptake and good fabric appearance.
Weaving (warp or weft) yarns are produced from 'MCU-5' cotton which provides adequate strength for good efficiency on the high speed looms.
Mills are equipped with electronic contamination scans of 'VETAL' or 'JOSSI' at the preparation stage (BLOWROOM).
Carding machines are run at moderate speeds and comber noils are drawn to the optimum extent to provide a good level of quality.
Auto-leveller drawframes of 'RIETER' and speed frames of 'ZINSER' or 'LMW' are used.
Ring frames installed are generally those of 'LAKSHMI', 'RIETER' or 'TOYOTA'. For COMPACT yarn attachments of 'SUSSEN - ELITE' or 'RIETER - COM4' are installed.
Finishing is done on latest 'MURATA' or 'SCHLAFORST' autoconers equipped with clearers of 'ZENIT LOEPFE' or 'USTER QUANTUM'.
Yarns are conditioned to provide good efficiency.
All mills have 'USTER' or 'PREMIER' testing equipments.